Planning Steps for Installing a Septic Tank

28 February 2017
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Sometimes, a septic tank is the best way to go if you need to install sewage infrastructure on a new lot. The costs of septic system installation are significantly lower than hooking up your site to a sewage line if the property is more remote. Here are some things you'll need to know before going into a septic system project. Deciding on the Location of the Tank Your lot will need to be big enough to house both the septic tank system and the drain field; properties of ¾ acre or larger are best for septic tank installation. Read More 

When Your Septic System Needs Service: Signs That Your Septic System Is Having Problems

15 February 2017
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You probably don't think much about your septic system unless you are starting to have problems with it. While you'll need to have your system pumped out every two or three years, there's very little routine maintenance you'll have to do on your system on a day-to-day basis. While it's important to know what you shouldn't be flushing down your toilets or drains, it's also necessary to know the signs that indicate your septic system is having problems and needs to be assessed. Read More 

Important Things to Remember When You Have a Septic Tank

13 February 2017
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Are you moving from a house that's hooked up to the city sewer system to one that has a septic tank? Are you worried about how to care for your new acquisition? Having a septic tank can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. As long as you follow a few simple rules when using your septic tank, it should function almost exactly the same as being hooked up to a sewer system. Read More 

How To Set Up A Backyard For Cleanliness When Purchasing A Home

2 February 2017
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If you are purchasing a home, you should make sure that the home is properly cleaned out before moving in. One of the dirtiest places that you may not pay much attention to is the backyard. If you have children and pets, you should clean out the backyard to make sure that it is safe and will not affect the health of your family. Here are some systems to take care of in the backyard before you officially move into and enjoy your brand new home. Read More 

Restaurant Owners: Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Grease Trap Cleaning

1 February 2017
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The grease trap in your restaurant is very important for trapping grease and allowing you to dispose of it the right way, which can help prevent clogs and can help get rid of odors in the bathroom. Even though there are services out there that will come in and clean your grease trap for you, you might be thinking about attempting to do it yourself. Even though this might seem like a good way to save money on running your restaurant, it's almost always better to hire a professional service to do it instead. Read More