The Options for a Septic System When the Soil Tests Bring You Bad News

19 January 2017
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Before a septic system is installed at your home, soil tests need to be done. These tests are sometimes called percolation tests, which will test the soil, groundwater level, and drainage of soil where a septic system is going to be installed. When the soil test says you have poor draining soil or a high water-table, then a conventional septic system will not be right for your home. Here are some of the alternative septic systems that you may need for your home:

1. Mound Systems That Raise the Level in Soils with High Water-Tables

Mound systems are not too complicated and will only cost a little more than a conventional septic system. In a mound system, the height of the drain field will be raised by building a mound to raise the soil level high enough above the water-table. These systems can also have filtration medium in them, which will improve filtering of effluents before they reach the soil. This type of system can sometimes be unsightly, but there are solutions that can hide the mound in the design of your landscaping.

2. Poor Filtration and Groundwater Problems Solved with an Aerobatic Treatment System

Groundwater contamination is one of the biggest concerns with septic systems. If you have high water-tables and poor soil conditions, then you may need an alternative waste treatment solution. An aerobatic septic treatment system will solve these issues with a modern system that treats waste before it exists the septic tanks and goes to the drain field. Aerobatic septic systems can also be used when a mound system is not a practical solution.

3. Filtration Mediums and Chambered Solution to Improve Filtration of Waste

Filtration is one of the most important parts of septic systems. The drain field must filter waste from the tank before it reaches the groundwater beneath the soil. When the soil is poor or a water-table is high, filtration medium and chambered tanks and drainage tiles can be used to improve filtering of the waste. In addition to these solutions, the drainage field can also be lined with a special liner to keep waste contamination contained and out of the environment.

These are some of the alternative septic systems you may need for your home after a soil test brings you bad news. Contact a septic system installation service like AMERICAN SEPTIC SERVICES LLC and talk with them about the type of system that will be right for the waste treatment needs of your home.