3 Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Replacement

25 January 2017
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In the past, when a sewage pipe had to be replaced, it had to be dug up the old-fashioned way. Nowadays, however, there is a better option: trenchless sewer replacement and repair. As the name suggests, this does not actually require for a trench to be dug in order to remove and repair or replace a pipe. These are a few reasons why trenchless sewer replacement can be a better option.

1. Avoid Damaging Your Landscaping

Perhaps one of the best benefits of a trenchless sewer replacement is the fact that you don't have to worry about your landscaping being damaged. You might have worked hard and spent a lot of money to make your lawn look like you want it, and the idea of having it all dug up can be quite upsetting. In the past, you might not have had any other options. Now, though, you can consider trenchless sewer replacement if you don't want your property to be damaged.

2. Avoid Damaging Utility Lines

Another thing that you have to worry about when having trenches dug in your yard is the potential for your utility lines to be damaged. This could cause your utilities to go out and might even affect your neighbors. You could be fined by your utility company for this as well. Although it is possible to call your utility company to have the areas where your lines are located to be marked off, there is still the potential for damage. This is less of a concern when trenchless equipment and processes are being used, however.

3. Get the Job Done Faster

You probably want to have your sewer problem taken care of as quickly as possible, since a sewer problem can be a rather nasty and smelly issue to deal with. The good thing about trenchless sewer replacement and repair is the fact that the job can often be completed much more quickly since there doesn't have to be a lot of digging work done. This can help you have the problem resolved quickly. Plus, you won't have to worry about all of the restorative work that can go along with more traditional methods, so you can have the entire ordeal finished in no time.

As you can see, trenchless sewer replacement or repair is a good alternative to some of the more traditional methods that you might have relied on in the past. If you'd like to find out more, contact services like El Paso Trenchless Solutions.