Why A Septic System Must Be Cleaned

26 January 2017
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One of the worst problems that a homeowner can experience is sewage backing up into the house. The situation does not only make a house smell bad, but there is a lot of cleaning involved. You can also end up being exposed to toxins that can make you get sick. If you have a septic system for your sewage needs, you should get it thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis to make sure it will always be functional. Below, you will find out what might happen when a septic system is left dirty for a long time.

1. Wastewater Won't Leave Out of the Tank

If your septic tank is left unclean for too long, it can become difficult for wastewater to leave out of it. The main thing that must be done is the pumping of solid waste materials, as it will prevent the passage in which wastewater flows through from becoming clogged up. A professional can pump the solid waste out as often as it is needed. For example, you might need pumping done regularly if you have a large household.

2. Your House Will Begin to Smell Foul

A dirty septic system can leave your house with a foul odor that is hard to get rid of. The odor will not only be on the inside of your house, but also on the outside. For instance, you might smell the odor of sewage coming from plumbing fixture drains inside of your house. The odor might be present around the septic tank and drainfield on the exterior of the house.

3. Sewage Will Sit Inside of Your Plumbing System

If you don't get the septic system cleaned, sewage can sit inside of the plumbing system. You might then notice that waste takes a long time to leave out of toilets when they are flushed. If the problem becomes severe, the toilets might stop flushing altogether, and plunging them will do no good. You would end up needing a plumber to use commercial equipment for clearing the waste out of the plumbing lines.

4. The Drainfield Lines Will Not Function Properly

The drainfield lines are an important aspect in regards to how a septic system functions. The lines are used for getting rid of liquid waste that comes from the tank. Basically, the waste must be evenly distributed in the soil by flowing through holes that are in the drainfield lines. You must get the lines cleaned to prevent the holes from becoming too clogged up for the wastewater to pass through.