When Your Septic System Needs Service: Signs That Your Septic System Is Having Problems

15 February 2017
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You probably don't think much about your septic system unless you are starting to have problems with it. While you'll need to have your system pumped out every two or three years, there's very little routine maintenance you'll have to do on your system on a day-to-day basis. While it's important to know what you shouldn't be flushing down your toilets or drains, it's also necessary to know the signs that indicate your septic system is having problems and needs to be assessed. A septic system will last anywhere from 15-40 years, and the better you take care of your system, the longer it will last.

Routine Septic System Pumping

Your septic system should be pumped out roughly every three years. If your septic system gets more than average daily use because your home has more than four people living in it, you should have your system pumped out more often.

When Your Drains Are Going Slow

If you try drain cleaning, and this only works for a short time, you may have a septic system that is getting full. If more than one drain is going slowly in your home, this is a clear indication that something is wrong with your septic system. You may have a clog in your plumbing, or the septic tank may be close to full. If you ignore this problem, you may end up with waste water coming back into your home through the drains.

If Your Yard Smells Like Sulphur

You may notice an odd odor in your backyard that smells somewhat like rotten eggs. If you can smell sulphur, it's time to have your septic system checked out. When your system isn't working properly, the waste water from your home isn't being treated correctly. This can lead to a backyard that smells, especially when the leach field is unable to handle the waste water coming from your home.

Puddles When There's No Rain

When your septic system is failing, you may notice that you have puddles in your yard and it hasn't rained. This is waste water, and it should be avoided at all costs. By this time, you will smell the waste water, and it will be clear that the puddles in your yard are from your septic system. If you see puddles, it's time to call a septic service for an emergency repair, as this presents a health hazard to you and your family.