3 Tips For Renting Portable Restrooms For Your Haunted House

25 September 2018
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When you set up your haunted house and open it up for the general public, you'll want to make sure that you have everything that you need. Along with props and costumes, you'll also need more practical things like portable restrooms. These tips will help you with renting them for your haunted house.

1. Decorate Them

You are probably decorating everything else on the property to make it look spooky and fun for the holiday, so don't skip the portable restroom. Draping spiderwebs around it, adding bats or skeletons and otherwise decorating each portable restroom is a good way to keep with the theme and prevent the portable restrooms from ruining the aesthetic of your venue.

2. Set Them Up in a Well-Lit Area

One key thing you'll want to think about when setting up the portable restrooms is to make sure that they're in well-lit areas. You don't want for people to have a hard time finding them, for one thing. Additionally, since your guests might be a little spooked already from touring the haunted house, you don't want them to be scared when they're using the portable toilet. Plus, since Halloween is a season when a lot of pranksters seem to be active with their pranks, putting your portable restrooms in areas that are well-lit can help you prevent unsuspecting patrons from becoming the victims of any pranks.

3. Make Sure There are Enough Of Them

You are probably really hoping that your haunted house will be a big success. In many places, a lot of people really turn out to enjoy these seasonal venues, so you might bring in a bigger crowd than you think. This is probably a good thing overall, but you don't want to find yourself being unprepared. You don't want for the people who have showed up to enjoy the haunted house to have to waste a lot of their time waiting to use a portable restroom, for example. Therefore, making sure that you rent enough is important. If anything, you may want to err on the side of caution and rent a couple more than you think you'll need, just in case.

Work with a portable restroom rental company such as RCS Inc, and let them know what you'll be using the portable restrooms for. They should be able to provide you with even more helpful tips for renting portable restrooms and providing these facilities for the people who attend your haunted house this Halloween season.