What's That Smell? How To Stop Septic Odors In Their Tracks

20 May 2019
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If you have a septic system, you need to be concerned about septic odors. Those foul odors that come up through the drains can make like downright miserable in your home. While septic odors are a common occurrence where septic systems are concerned, there are some methods you can use to keep the problem to a minimum. Here are three steps you can take to reduce septic odors in your home.

Keep Your Septic Tank Pumped

When you have a septic system, the key to reducing odor is the keep the tank well-maintained. The best way to do that is to stick to a pumping schedule. All the waste that flows from your home is held inside the septic tank. Over time, the odors build up inside the tank, especially once the tank is overfilled. To eliminate the odors associated with excess waste, you need to have your tank pumped at least once every three to five years. In addition to the pumping, you should also have your septic system inspected about once a year. The annual maintenance will address other issues septic problems that could be leading to foul odors.

Watch What You Send Through the Drains

When you have a septic system, you need to watch what you send down the drains. Sending the wrong things through to your septic tank could lead to an increase in foul odors. This is particularly true when it comes to items that can destroy the beneficial bacteria in your septic tank. There are two different types of bacteria that can affect your septic tank. There are good bacteria that can help decompose the waste, and there are bad bacteria. The bad bacteria actually kills the good bacteria, which can lead to foul odors. To prevent the good bacteria from being killed off, avoid sending chemicals, cigarette butts, or oil through to your septic tank.

Maintain a Proper Balance in Your Tank

When you have a septic system, you also need to be worried about the pH level inside the tank. If the pH level is off, waste won't decompose as efficiently as it should. Unfortunately, an improper pH level can also cause an increase in septic odors. One way to maintain a proper pH balance in your tank is to reach for the baking soda. Simply flush about a cup of baking soda down the toilet about once a week. If you'd prefer, you can pour the baking soda down the drains and flush with hot water. The baking soda will help keep your drains fresh while eliminating the septic odors.

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