Causes Of Blockages In Main Septic Drain Lines

25 July 2019
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Even if the drains inside your house are not blocked, you can still experience septic backup if the main drainage line outside the house is blocked. Below are some of the common reasons for mains septic drain blockages.

Accumulation of Solids

Accumulation of solids within the drain pipes is the most common cause of drain blockages. This can occur at any point within the pipe. Common culprits include grease, diapers, baby wipes, cat litter, toys, and hair, among others. When a few solids get stuck within the pipe, the subsequent wastes also get stuck at the same point. With time, the blockage increases to a point where the pipe gets blocked, and subsequent wastes back up into the house.

Watch what goes down the drain to prevent this form of blockage; don't use your toilet as a dustbin. It also pays to clean your drains regularly to get rid of small issues that might lead to blockages down the line.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can also cause blockages, particularly on old drain pipes. The routes, attracted by the nutrients and water within the pipes, can pass through minute cracks on the drain pipes. With time, the roots can grow and trap solid wastes within the pipes, causing blockages. Ensure you plant trees away from your plumbing lines. You can also use tree root barriers to keep the roots away from the drain lines.

Pipe Damage

Various pipe damages can also lead to lead to damages. If a pipe breaks, the broken ends don't lineup as before, and this prevents the flow of wastes. In some cases, a broken end of the pipe can even get blockade by soil. Sagging or disconnected pipes can also lead to the same problems. The best thing to do is to avoid activities that might lead to pipe damages. This also means knowing where your pipes lie so you don't damage them accidentally. For example, you should know and avoid pipe locations during construction or excavations.

Incorrect Installation

Lastly, your drain pipes can also get blocked due to incorrect installation. This is more likely to occur with DIY plumbing than professional plumbing. Say you have illegal connections to the drain pipes, you have used inappropriate pipe diameters, or made the wrong pipe connections. Let professional technicians handle all your plumbing and septic issues, and you are unlikely to experience an incorrect installation.

Use your septic system wisely and service it regularly to avoid blockages. If a blockage does occur, consult a septic technician to repair it before wastes starting backing up into your house. To learn more, check out a website like