2 Reasons Your Septic Tank Should Be Pumped Before Winter

19 September 2019
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Fall is here, which means winter isn't far behind. This is the time of year many homeowners get their house, yard, and vehicles ready for the coming cold weather and snow. If your home is on a septic system, now is the perfect time to have your septic tank pumped. Here are two reasons you should have a septic tank pumping service perform this task before winter.

1. Winter Sees Increased Septic System Usage

In winter, people tend to spend more time indoors. Rather than enjoying the great outdoors, grilling and chilling in the backyard, and going on vacations and weekend getaways, people are hibernating at home. Most people eat and cook more during the cold months of winter. This means more dishes and more garbage disposal use, which means more water going into the septic system.

The colder months also bring two of the largest holidays in America — Thanksgiving and Christmas. These holidays usually bring increased people into the home. Children and grandchildren come home, extended family members come over, and friends drop by.

During the holidays, you'll likely do even more cooking, more dishes, and your guests will use your water and toilet facilities. Overnight guests will also need to wash up. And just as quick, cool showers are common in summer, long, hot baths are popular in the wintertime. Baths use considerably more water than the typical shower does.

Most people also have more laundry during the winter. Instead of washing lightweight loads of t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, and swimming suits, your winter laundry consists of bulky sweaters, heavy jeans and jackets, thick socks, and heavyweight blankets.

These items take up a lot of room in your washing machine, which means you need to wash more loads with fewer items. You will also have more laundry when you have guests staying in your home from bed linens and towels.

2. Winter Makes Septic System Repair and Maintenance More Difficult

The last thing you want to discover during the frigid winter months is something wrong with your septic system. Septic system troubles in winter could also be more costly. A septic tank pumping service may not be able to get their equipment through the snow without clearing it first. If the service has never pumped your tank before, they will likely have difficulty finding it when it is covered in snow. 

If it has been a while since your septic system has been pumped, it is best to get it done now while the weather is still good.