4 Reasons To Look Into Portable Toilets When Planning A Marathon

24 October 2019
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If you are planning on hosting a marathon or some other type of running event, you should start talking to a portable toilet rental company during the planning stages. You might have thought about venues, prizes and so much more, but the thought of portable toilets might have slipped your mind so far. Portable toilets are a necessity for your upcoming marathon, so contact a portable toilet rental company for these reasons:

1. Open Up More Venue Options

If you are strictly looking for marathon venues that have bathrooms on-site, then your options might be very limited. Making the choice to rent portable toilets if needed will allow you to choose from a lot more venues for your running event. This could help you save money on hosting the event, or it might just allow you to find a more convenient or more interesting route.

2. Follow Local Requirements

Even if you are hosting your event for a good cause or even if your event is casual and small, you will probably be required to follow certain codes and regulations. For example, you might be required by your local government to provide a certain number of restroom facilities, based off of the number of people who will be participating in the marathon and the number of spectators that you anticipate. Find out about these regulations, and talk to a portable toilet rental company about renting the appropriate number of portable toilets so that you will not face any issues, such as a shut-down of your event or major fines.

3. Make Sure Participants Are Comfortable

Of course, you should make sure that the people who will be participating in the marathon are as comfortable as possible. Ensuring that they have a cleared, safe track, and providing water bottle refilling stations, are just the start of the things that you can do. Ensuring that there are adequate restroom facilities, and that they are located along the route that the participants will be using, is essential.

4. Ensure Spectators Are Comfortable

A lot of people might come out on the day of your event to cheer on the participants. You will want to make sure that these individuals are accommodated and comfortable, of course, and part of this is making sure that there are plenty of restroom facilities available in the areas where the spectators will congregate. Obviously, a portable toilet rental company can help you with this.