Features to Look for When Renting Restrooms for a Special Event

5 February 2021
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If you are organizing a special event that will be taking place outdoors, then one of your responsibilities will be to rent restrooms. There are many different types of portable restrooms available, so choosing the right ones for your event may not be as straightforward as you think. It can help to focus on the qualities and features that each type of bathroom has to offer. Here are some features that you really want in a bathroom for your special event.

Running Water

At a special event, you do not want people to have to wait in a separate line to wash their hands over a portable water cooler that only lets a trickle of water out. Instead, look for bathrooms that have running water so people can wash their hands in an actual sink. Not only will your attendees appreciate the convenience, but they're more likely to actually wash their hands, which is better for everyone's health.

Trap Toilets

Look for a portable restroom that has trap toilets. These are toilets that have a little flap that closes over the holding tank, so when someone looks into the toilet, they do not see what is inside the holding tank. Not only does this make using the toilet a less-gross experience, but it also helps keep odors under control, which is really important at a special event where people want to feel a bit pampered.

Wheelchair-Accessible Toilets

Do not forget to make sure you include at least one bathroom that is wheelchair accessible. Many portable bathrooms are built so that the entire structure is wheelchair accessible, and there is one stall that is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Or, if you are renting multiple bathrooms, you can look for just one that is entirely made with wheelchair users in mind. Not only will wheelchair users need these bathrooms, but in many municipalities, building codes require you to have them, even when you're hosting a short-term event.

Fans and Air Circulation

This is especially important in the summer. You really need to have bathrooms with fans or some type of air circulation system. This helps keep odors at bay, and it also helps keep people more comfortable when they're using the bathroom. Using a 90-degree bathroom doesn't feel very special!

If you're renting special event bathrooms, look for one with the listed features above. Your guests will appreciate your choice.