Wondering Whether You Have Septic System Failure? 3 Signs You Can't Ignore

3 October 2022
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The septic wastewater treatment system is a vital waste removal and treatment option if you aren't connected to municipal sewage lines. Since the system's tank can function effectively for several decades with minimal maintenance, it is a cost-effective option for many property owners.

Still, there will inevitably come a time when the tank starts to fail and require repair or replacement. Recognizing the signs of a failing septic system can afford you the time to consult a professional for recommendations and have the new tank installed before the old system can cause significant damage. This article outlines some signs that your septic tank is unable to treat and store wastewater from your household.

There Are Pools of Wastewater on the Surface

Whenever the septic system malfunctions, it is unlikely to hold in sewage any longer. As a result, you may notice standing water near the leach field, or the ground near the tank may be damp. This problem is also possible after heavy rains because the ground might become soaked, making it difficult for the drain field to work efficiently. Nonetheless, if this problem persists for several days after the rain clears, you need to get a plumbing expert to assess the leach field and the condition of your septic tank. In the event that you observe this issue when it hasn't rained recently, engage the services of a professional at once.

The Well Water Is Contaminated

If you rely on a well for water used in your household or farm, you must check the water quality regularly to ensure that you aren't using contaminated water. A failing septic system can start leaking sewage water into the ground, and even if you might not notice the effects on the surface, your water may not be safe for use. Contaminated water typically contains higher nitrate levels and coliform bacteria, making it unsafe for drinking. In severe cases, the contamination can render the well unusable for many years. Accordingly, check the quality of your well water frequently, and if it's compromised, hire a septic service contractor to inspect your tank.

You Have Sewage Backup Issues

Septic system failure can also cause sewage to back up in your bathroom, toilets, and sinks. This wastewater is unsightly, smelly, and harmful to your health. Backups may occur due to a major clog in the drain lines or when the tank is full. Thus, calling a contractor to empty the septic tank and unclog the drain is essential to fixing the problem. The plumbing expert will also recommend that you don't allow foreign items to go down the drain besides waste, wastewater, and toilet paper.

Now that you know the key signs of septic failure, taking quick action to restore it should not be as daunting. The septic service professional you hire determines whether your system requires repairs, pumping, or replacement.