What You Need To Know About Replacing The Septic System On Your Property

1 December 2022
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Septic systems are common in areas where no sewer service from the city or town is available, and permanent indoor plumbing is necessary. A septic system replacement may be needed if the system is old and outdated or if something has gone wrong with the system, and it is failing. 

Understanding Septic Design

The septic system on your property is not overly complicated and can often last for years without needing repair. However, specific system replacement services may become necessary for many reasons. The septic system consists of a tank, drainfield, and all the plumbing that connects them.

Some septic systems also use a pump that helps move material from the house to the tank or the tank to the drainfield. In nearly every septic system design, the sewage runs from the home into the septic tank where solids settle to the bottom and break down into sludge removed when the tank is full. 

The liquids build up until they reach the outlet valve and then run off into the drain field as water. The water drains into a series of filter layers of stone, sand, and other materials. When the system is working correctly, septic system replacement is not necessary for the life of the house.

Septic Tank Damage

One of the more common issues that can necessitate a septic system replacement is the failure of the tank in the system. The septic tank is made of concrete in most septic systems, but steel tanks did find their way into older systems for a while. However, the concrete can crack over time if weight is put on it from above. 

A vehicle driving over the tank can cause it to break and allow water from the tank to leach into the ground around it. Steel tanks lost favor because they had a similar problem when the tank would rust and then start leaking.  

If the septic tank on your property is leaking, you will need a septic system replacement service to evaluate the problem and replace the tank.

Drain Field Problems

Like the tank, the drain field in your septic system is fragile, and if the pipes in the system are damaged or a blockage develops, the system will begin to back up, resulting in water coming out of the tank or coming up through the surface over the drain field.

Diagnosing problems with the drain field often requires a camera inspection or excavation of the site. Hiring a septic system replacement service to inspect the system and make recommendations for repair or replacement is a good starting point if you have a septic problem.  

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