Ground Movement And Tree Roots Can Crack Your Septic Tank

7 February 2023
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Even if your septic tank is installed correctly, there are problems you might encounter that cannot be avoided. One of these is the damaging effects of ground movement. The ground underneath you is often shifting and can cause damage to a septic tank. Your septic system is also vulnerable to tree roots that will clog your drain field or cause other problems. Worst of all, your septic tank might form a crack. 

Warning Signs of a Defective Septic Tank

When a septic tank starts to develop problems, the warning signs usually do not emerge abruptly. Instead, you will start to see warning signs that your septic tank has become damaged and might need to be serviced by a septic tank service.

You might begin to notice strong odors in your home. You might also begin to notice pools of water forming outside of your home as your septic tank struggles to remove effluent. 

Ground Movement Can Damage Your Tank

Ground movement can cause your septic tank to crack. Through these cracks, your septic tank might start to leak. You will need to have your septic tank pumped more often than usual. If you have your septic tank replaced, it's important to make sure that it is installed on more stable ground.

Tree Roots Wreck Havoc on a Septic System

Tree roots are a common problem for any homeowner. Trees will cause damage to a septic system while sending roots in search of water and nutrients. If you notice signs of roots around your tank, you may need a septic inspection.

If the inspection finds that your septic tank has small cracks, the tree roots can infiltrate through the cracks widening them and eventually damaging the septic tank. They change how your septic tank operates. You will need the problem corrected by a septic tank inspection service as soon as you can.

What to Do About Tree Roots

You could remove the tree. However, make sure to also remove the stump and tree roots. If you want to keep the tree, you'll be able to add tree root inhibitors after the roots have been removed from the pipes or the septic tank. These are mesh-like objects that direct tree roots to grow in different directions.

The Replacement of Your Septic Tank

Regardless of whether the septic tank is cracked by tree roots or ground movement, you will want to have the entire septic tank replaced. Once you have replaced the tank, you'll need to have measures put in place to make sure that the tank doesn't become cracked again.

Contact a local septic system inspection service to learn more.