4 Signs Your Septic Tank Needs An Urgent Pump Repair

17 March 2023
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The pump in your septic tank helps keep your system working safely and effectively. If your pump develops even a small problem, then your tank can't do its job. Bigger problems that affect your tank's ability to manage sewage waste can compromise your health. So, any pump problem needs immediate attention.

Read on to learn more about common pump problems. 

1. Sewage Backs up in a Toilet

If your tank's pump isn't keeping your system clear, then the waste in your tank has nowhere to go. Eventually, it might build up to high enough levels to flood back into your home.

If sewage comes back into your home, then it's likely to show up in a toilet. The toilet water might gurgle. It might look brown rather than clear. You might smell waste in the room even if nobody has used the toilet recently. If the problem is serious enough, then sewage will start to come into the pan.

2. Your Pump Isn't Working

Your tank's pump should make some noise when it operates. If you can't hear its usual operating noise, then chances are the pump isn't working. If this happens, then your system comes to a standstill.

This can happen if pumps get clogged up. The effort they make to move with a clog might break a part.

Pumps can also have problems with electrical faults. Sometimes, this is down to a simple breaker trip. Or, your pump might have a loose wire or a faulty connection.

3. Your Pump Is Too Noisy

An excessively loud pump is also a sign that your septic tank system isn't working right. Pumps often ramp up their noise levels when they get clogged up. The pump has to work harder to compensate for the clog.

Here, the pump might not work to full capacity. Ultimately, it might break down completely if it overheats.

4. Your Well's Nitrate Levels Are Too High

If you have a well on your property as well as a septic tank, then you have to take care that your septic system doesn't affect the well water you use in your home. A problem with your tank can affect the water in your well.

For example, if your pump stops working, then your tank might start to overflow and release some waste into the ground. If this waste contaminates your well water, then your nitrate levels will increase. Your water will not be safe to use until you sort out the problem.

Any pump problem can turn into an emergency fast. For urgent pump repair, contact a company like Living Water Pump Service Co., Inc..