3 Things To Know About Installing A Septic Tank

20 June 2023
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If your property doesn't have a public sewer connection, septic tank installation is essential for establishing a proper sewage management system for your home. There are different kinds of septic systems to choose from, and you want to ensure the one you select suits your household's waste disposal needs. Here are three things to keep in mind when installing a septic tank on your property.

Preparation Is Needed

There's more that goes into installing a septic tank than choosing one that meets your needs and then installing it. First, you need to look into local regulations, permits, and codes governing septic systems in your area. Contact the local health department or other relevant authorities to obtain the necessary permits and ensure compliance with regulations. A soil evaluation will also be required to determine your soil's ability to treat and drain effluent from the septic tank. A percolation test or soil analysis will help assess the soil's absorption capacity, impacting the septic system's design and installation.

You Should Hire A Professional

Septic tank installation is complex and requires expertise. Hiring a professional septic installer with the needed experience and knowledge in this field is highly recommended. A professional will take a look at your property, determine the appropriate tank size, and handle the installation process following local guidelines. The most suitable septic tank size for your home will be determined by factors such as your home's size, your water usage patterns, and local regulations. Your septic tank should have enough capacity to hold the wastewater for proper treatment and prevent overflow. Common septic tank materials include concrete, fiberglass, and plastic.

How Much It Costs

The cost of septic tank installation can vary depending on your location, soil conditions, site accessibility, labor costs, and any additional features required. The size and material of your septic tank also impact the cost of your septic system tank installation. Larger tanks generally cost more. Also, concrete tanks are usually more expensive than plastic or fiberglass ones due to the material's durability and installation requirements. Average installation costs range from $3,600 to $10,000, but you should get a few estimates to get a feel for how much your installation will cost. 

There are a few things to know if you are installing a septic tank. First, you need to prepare for the installation by checking local regulations and getting a soil evaluation. Second, hiring a professional for your septic system tank installation is crucial. Finally, costs can vary, so get a few estimates before committing. 

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