What Do Sewer Cleaning Contractors Do To Thoroughly Clean A Sewer Line?

29 June 2023
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Routine sewer cleaning performed by professionally trained contractors can keep a sewer system running smoothly. However, when a deep, detailed cleaning doesn't take place for too long, a buildup can occur, often leading to multiple issues, such as sewer backups that can quickly become a major health hazard. Because these cleanings are vital in keeping the sewer systems well-maintained, hiring the right contractors to help with sewer line cleaning every so often can benefit your household and keep you from dealing with future sewer-related problems.

How Do the Sewer Cleaning Contractors Get the Job Done?

Cleaning a sewer may sound tedious to the average person, but these contractors know what to look for and how to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. Before cleaning the sewer, they will gather the necessary equipment. The type of equipment used depends on their preferred sewer cleaning method, with some contractors using manual equipment, some using hydro jets, and others combining the two to achieve the most satisfactory results.

Inspecting the Sewer Line

Contractors need to know what they're dealing with before pulling out any equipment and clearing that sewer line. One way to inspect the sewer line is to use an inspection camera that reaches deep down into the sewer line, providing the most accurate, up-to-date footage of the area. Seeing the level of buildup will enable the contractors to figure out which method they want to use to complete the cleaning.

Using Manual Tools to Clear Blockages

Manual tools are often powerful enough to clear up any debris when the sewer line isn't too clogged. These tools may include long drain snakes and flexible augers that reach deep within the sewer line while clearing out any accumulated dirt. 

Hyrdo Jetting the Sewer Line

Some contractors prefer hydro jetting the sewer line to give it the most powerful clean. It's also the best option when the sewer line hasn't had a cleaning in a while. With this equipment, the contractors are essentially pressure-washing the sewer line, using the water's force to naturally break apart any clogs and eliminate the buildup within the sewer line.

As professionals, sewer cleaning contractors may use assorted tools and techniques to thoroughly clean your sewer as often as you need to have it done. Most homeowners can benefit from cleaning their sewer lines at least once a year. An annual cleaning is a preventative measure that can help you avoid encountering problems with the sewer line. 

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